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Dumahs Character Sheet

Character Name: Dumah

(Played by Nivik)

Apparent age: Late 20's/early 30's.

Physical appearance: Black Hair; dark eyes; tall and very thin build with a pale complexion. White wings with a opalesque sheen.

Male: See above. Always seen in public in jeans and a T-shirt.
Female: Claims he never appears as a woman, though he has been caught
once or twice as doing it; just looks like the male version; tall and thin but certainly female.

Angel of: Silence and stillness of death. Angel of Death. Angel of vindication. Guardian of the 14th gate of hell. He's also a Prince of Hell but an angel of heaven as well. Chief of the demons of hell. Commands (a whole shitload) of angels of destruction. Charged with the punshment of sinners.

Celestial Hierarchy: Thrones

First impression: Very serious looking; never seems to have time for small talk. He doesn't appear to have a sense of humor.

What to know

What's your character's favorite color?
Dumah: Dark blue. No particular reason, he just does.

What's your character's favorite fruit?
Dumah: Apples

What's your character's favorite song?
Dumah: Nine Inch Nails, Head Like a Hole

If your character could be any other occupation than he/she is, what would that be?
Dumah: He's always wanted to play in a band.

What does your character fear the most?

Dumah: Being a permanent resident in Hell. He knows he won't fall, but he's afraid of being stuck there forever.

What does your character love the most (object, activity, ect.)?
Dumah: Scaring people.

What is your character's driving force?
Dumah: Absolute silence. He's been trying to achieve that for a few millennium (hasn't yet)

What animal does your character identify with?
Dumah: Bats... because they're nocturnal and they scare humans for no real reason; just like he does

Who is your character's favorite author?
Dumah: He likes reading philosophy

Who does your character admire most?

Dumah: God, the whole concept of reality created by God, that's pretty impressive.

Where was your character born? (I don't know why I'm putting this question in here, except for the humans)
Dumah: He's Aramaic, however, is slightly resembelent of Egyptian.

What element is your character's personality (Natural element, metal, or the classic elements fire ect.)?
Dumah: Ice, he's cold and a bit hardened.

What is your character's scent? (natural scent, not perfume, for humans, what kind of scent does their personality remind people of? Such as, Bril says Chloe has a personality scent of Lavender, it's usually the type perfumes she wears and the way her apartment smells)
Dumah: A little lavender mixed with amber

What is your character's nickname?

Dumah: Silence, normally, it's his title. Luc calls him Creepy. Gabriel's been known to call him Honey.

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